Emergency Telephone Number

210 668 2222

Telephone Customer Service

Tolls, Commercial Management and Telephone Customer Service

Toll System

In Attiki Odos, all Toll Stations are located at the entrances of the motorway, in specially designed areas. Thus, drivers pay only once, when they enter the Tollway. The toll system is of an open-type, with a single charge for all routes. In total, there are 39 toll stations with 195 gates.

Commercial Management

The Tolls, Commercial Management and Telephone Customer Service employs 568 employees, who are responsible for:

  • The design of commercial policy and the management of subscription plans
  • Toll function & collection
  • Managing issues that concern the subscribers through the Telephone Service.

Customer Service Telephone (TEP)

The Telephone Customer Service answers in 210.668.2222, serving an average of 1,266 calls daily, and also contributes to every emergency call, working closely with the Traffic Management Center. The high efficiency of the service has won the preferences of users, who are increasingly choosing to turn to Telephone Customer Service for all their queries.